Some Client Case Studies

Eco Tourism Resort – Puerto Rico

In partnership with a property owner in Puerto Rico, our team undertook a transformative project to develop an eco-tourism resort. Beginning with a comprehensive site assessment, we strategically balanced various activities to ensure sustainable revenue streams, thereby attracting potential investors. Our goal was to create a distinctive destination that harmonised with the natural environment while promising a return on investment. Nestled on the verdant slopes of a mountain, the resort boasted breathtaking views of the coastline. We meticulously planned every aspect, from lodges and hot tubs to nature walks and a visitor hub complete with a restaurant. Moreover, we prioritised conservation and eco-friendly practices throughout the design process. The envisioned visitor experience emphasised wellness, offering spa treatments and health-focused activities. Through early-stage site master planning and close collaboration, we provided a blueprint for architectural designs that seamlessly integrated with the site’s surroundings, ensuring a memorable and sustainable retreat for guests.

Former Opencast Site – Scotland

Conducting a feasibility study for a vast former open-cast site in Scotland, our team explored the potential for repurposing it into a holiday accommodation destination. Collaborating closely with stakeholders, we envisioned a multifaceted development aligning with the area’s natural beauty. Emphasising sustainability and accessibility, our proposal integrated a diverse range of activities such as mountain biking, water sports, fishing, and a wellness spa. The site’s unique features, including landform sculptures and a large lake, offered opportunities for immersive experiences. Our study also assessed the feasibility of hosting events, ensuring inclusive public access, implementing site interpretation strategies, and exploring the potential for commercial and residential developments on the site’s periphery. Through rigorous analysis and strategic planning, we outlined a vision that not only capitalised on the site’s natural assets but also fostered economic growth and community engagement in the region.

Hotel and Lodge Development – Peak District, UK

We conducted a comprehensive feasibility study to evaluate the potential for a hotel development in the Peka District, accompanied by an outdoor lodge facility. Our focus was on catering to the outdoor market, which we identified as a significant driver for growth. The study encompassed detailed assessments of market trends and consumer preferences, enabling us to formulate tailored operating concepts for the hotel. Additionally, we proposed the incorporation of education resources and interpretative elements highlighting the natural environment surrounding the developments. By aligning with the region’s outdoor-oriented demographic and leveraging educational aspects, our study aimed to create a sustainable and appealing destination that not only served tourists but also contributed to local conservation efforts and community engagement.

Event & Exhibition Centre – Thuringia, Germany

We analysed the potential for developing a major event and exhibition center in Germany. Recognising Germany’s reputation as a hub for international events and trade exhibitions, we conducted thorough market research and financial modelling to assess the viability of such a venture. Our study encompassed evaluating factors such as market demand, competition analysis, infrastructure requirements, and economic impact assessments. By collaborating closely with local authorities, stakeholders, and industry experts, we gained valuable insights into the project’s feasibility and potential challenges. Furthermore, we proposed innovative concepts and strategic positioning to differentiate the center and attract a diverse range of events and exhibitors. Through rigorous analysis and strategic planning, our feasibility study provided a roadmap for realising a world-class event and exhibition facility that would enhance Germany’s reputation as a premier destination for global events.

Feasibility Study for Children’s Museum – Savannah GA, US

In this feasibility study for a children’s museum in Savannah, we undertook a comprehensive examination of key factors vital to its success. Beginning with a meticulous analysis of potential locations within Savannah, we considered accessibility, visibility, and local demographics to identify the optimal site. Our financial modelling explore revenue projections, operating costs, and funding sources to ensure long-term sustainability. Moreover, we formulated growth strategies based on future projections and market trends, outlining recommendations for investment and expansion opportunities. By collaborating closely with stakeholders and community members, we garnered valuable insights into the local landscape and cultural needs. Our study culminated in a comprehensive report outlining a roadmap for establishing and growing a vibrant children’s museum in Savannah, poised to enrich the lives of families and contribute to the city’s educational and cultural landscape.

Feasibility Study for a Gaming Lounge – Sioux City, US

For this feasibility study for a gaming lounge in Sioux City, we conducted a detailed assessment to determine its commercial viability and conceptual development for guest experiences. Through extensive market research and analysis, we evaluated the demand for such a venue, considering factors like demographics, consumer preferences, and competition. Our study also focused on capacity planning to ensure optimal utilisation of space while maintaining a comfortable and engaging atmosphere for guests. Additionally, we developed a broad conceptual framework for guest experiences, emphasising the creation of a diverse gaming library to cater to various interests and preferences. By combining strategic planning with a deep understanding of the gaming industry and local market dynamics, our feasibility study provided valuable insights and recommendations for establishing a successful gaming lounge in Sioux City.

Molecular Tumor Profiling Service – Saudi Arabia

Our feasibility study for a molecular tumor profiling service in Saudi Arabia revealed promising opportunities amidst a landscape characterised by global demand and limited local supply. With numerous studies forecasting significant growth in this sector, our analysis underscored a clear need for such services in the country. Despite limited research and availability, a 2020 study highlighted the potential for research partnerships, signaling a ripe environment for development. However, navigating the market presents challenges, particularly concerning the routes to market and procurement processes. While transparency in procurement is improving, accessing opportunities to tender for specialist services remains limited. As such, a strategic approach focusing on establishing relationships with the Ministry of Health and hospitals emerges as essential for market entry and long-term success. Our study provides valuable insights and recommendations for capitalising on the burgeoning demand for molecular tumor profiling services in Saudi Arabia.

Hotel & Gym Development – New York, US

In our feasibility study for a 150-room hotel in Trenton, NY, we embarked on a comprehensive exploration of the project’s potential. Initially focusing on the hotel’s development, we analysed market dynamics, local demand, and competitive landscape to assess its viability. With a strategic approach, we identified opportunities for the hotel to thrive within the region’s hospitality sector. Subsequently, our study delved into the feasibility of expanding the property to include a health and fitness center, along with commercial spaces on the ground floor. Through rigorous analysis and careful consideration of factors such as consumer trends and economic indicators, we provided insights into the potential benefits and challenges of these additional developments. Our study ultimately offered a roadmap for realising a multifaceted hospitality destination that caters to diverse guest needs while contributing positively to Trenton’s economic growth and community well-being.

Robotic Educational Learning Tools – Saudi Arabia

In our feasibility study assessing the market for high-tech robotic educational learning tools in Saudi Arabia, we conducted a thorough analysis of various factors influencing demand and adoption. Recognising the country’s commitment to technological advancement and educational reform, we identified a burgeoning interest in innovative learning methodologies. Leveraging insights from global trends and local educational priorities, our study highlighted a significant opportunity for high-tech robotic tools to enhance the learning experience in Saudi Arabia. Despite the potential, challenges such as infrastructure limitations and cultural considerations were carefully examined to provide a comprehensive understanding of the market landscape. By offering actionable recommendations tailored to the unique characteristics of the Saudi Arabian market, our study aimed to support companies in successfully introducing and integrating robotic educational tools, thus contributing to the advancement of education and technology in the region.

UK Innovator Founder Visa Business Plan – SexTech

In our innovator visa business plan, we presented a compelling case for a firm specialising in innovative sexual health smart technology. Our plan meticulously detailed how this cutting-edge solution addresses pressing needs in the market while meeting the stringent criteria for innovation, viability, and scalability. Through extensive market research and validation, we demonstrated the substantial demand for such technology, highlighting its potential to revolutionise the sexual health sector. Furthermore, we emphasised the product’s unique features, showcasing its innovative nature and competitive edge. By outlining a comprehensive roadmap for development, market entry, and expansion, our business plan not only satisfied the requirements for the innovator visa but also positioned the firm for long-term success in a rapidly evolving industry. With a clear focus on innovation, viability, and scalability, our plan served as a compelling blueprint for investors and immigration authorities alike.

Feasibility Study for Artificial Tree Retail

In our feasibility study evaluating the artificial trees market, we meticulously analysed various factors to uncover potential market gaps for an investor seeking growth opportunities in this sector. Through comprehensive market research and trend analysis, we identified rising demand for artificial trees driven by factors such as urbanisation, environmental awareness, and the desire for low-maintenance landscaping solutions. By examining existing market players, product offerings, and consumer preferences, we pinpointed areas where innovation and differentiation could lead to competitive advantages. Our study also explored emerging trends, such as the integration of sustainable materials and smart technologies, to anticipate future market demands. Armed with these insights, we provided actionable recommendations for the investor to capitalise on untapped market segments and position their business for success in the evolving landscape of artificial trees.

Holiday Lodge Complex – Derbyshire, UK

In this business plan and feasibility study, we meticulously examined the potential for developing a holiday lodge business in Derbyshire, UK. Leveraging the region’s natural beauty and popularity as a tourist destination, we conducted thorough market research to identify target demographics, competitive landscapes, and seasonal demand fluctuations. By analysing consumer preferences and industry trends, we crafted a comprehensive strategy to differentiate our lodges and create unique guest experiences. Additionally, our financial projections and risk assessments provided a clear roadmap for investors, highlighting the potential return on investment and mitigating potential challenges. Through stakeholder engagement and collaboration with local authorities, we ensured alignment with regulatory requirements and community interests. Our study not only demonstrated the viability of the holiday lodge business but also outlined a pathway for sustainable growth and success in the picturesque setting of Derbyshire.

Business Planning for Tricklebrook Fishery – Kent, UK

Our ongoing partnership with a planning consultancy involves collaborating closely with a fishery in Kent, UK, to facilitate their development and growth strategy. Initially operating solely as a set of fishing lakes, our consultancy has played a pivotal role in transforming the business into a multifaceted holiday destination and thriving fishery enterprise. Through strategic planning and meticulous execution, we’ve guided the expansion of facilities and services, catering to diverse visitor interests while preserving the fishery’s ecological integrity. By integrating sustainable practices and innovative marketing initiatives, we’ve positioned the business for self-sustainability and long-term success. Our continued involvement underscores our commitment to supporting the fishery’s evolution, ensuring it remains a premier destination for anglers and holidaymakers alike, while contributing positively to the local economy and community.

Farm Diversification Business Plan for Ice Cream Factory – Kent, UK

In our business plan supporting a planning application, we outlined a strategic proposal to establish an ice cream factory within a converted barn on a rural farm in Kent. This initiative was a key component of a broader farm diversification plan aimed at enhancing economic sustainability and promoting local entrepreneurship. Through meticulous research and analysis, we demonstrated the potential positive impacts on the local economy, including job creation, increased tourism, and support for local dairy farmers. Our plan detailed the conversion process, highlighting the preservation of the barn’s historic character while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. Additionally, we emphasised the use of locally sourced ingredients and sustainable practices to align with community values and environmental stewardship. By presenting a compelling case for the project’s economic, social, and environmental benefits, we garnered support for the planning application, paving the way for a successful venture that enriches both the farm and the surrounding community.

Bus & Coach Production Facility – Egypt

In our collaboration with Egyptian clients, we explored the potential of establishing a manufacturing business in partnership with a Chinese bus and coach builder. With a focus on capitalising on the MENA region’s growing demand for environmentally friendly transport solutions, particularly electric buses, our work involved extensive market research and feasibility studies. We assessed market dynamics, regulatory landscapes, and consumer preferences to identify strategic opportunities for entry and growth. Leveraging our expertise in business development and international partnerships, we facilitated negotiations and formed a strategic alliance between the Egyptian clients and the Chinese manufacturer. Through this partnership, we aimed to address the pressing need for sustainable transportation solutions in the MENA region while creating economic opportunities and fostering technological innovation. Our collaborative efforts paved the way for the establishment of a manufacturing business poised to lead the market in providing eco-friendly transport solutions across the region.

CQC Plans for Care Providers

In our ongoing work with domiciliary care businesses across the UK, we’ve developed tailored strategic growth plans while ensuring compliance with Care Quality Commission (CQC) regulations. These comprehensive plans encompass detailed operational requirements and address key issues to meet CQC standards effectively. By conducting thorough assessments of each business’s unique needs and market dynamics, we’ve crafted growth strategies aimed at expanding service offerings, increasing market share, and enhancing overall operational efficiency. Moreover, our plans include specific initiatives to meet CQC requirements, such as staff training, risk management protocols, and quality assurance processes. Through close collaboration with our clients and a deep understanding of the domiciliary care sector, we’ve provided actionable recommendations to drive sustainable growth while maintaining the highest standards of care and regulatory compliance. Our strategic approach not only ensures business growth but also strengthens our clients’ reputation as trusted providers of domiciliary care services across the UK.

EB5 Business Plan for Investment in a Medical Supplies Company

In our collaboration with a client seeking an EB-5 visa, we created business plan for their investment in a medical supplies company, meeting the mandatory $800,000 investment requirement. Through extensive market research and due diligence, we identified a promising opportunity in the medical supplies industry, considering factors such as market demand, competitive landscape, and regulatory compliance. Our comprehensive business plan outlined the client’s investment strategy, including capital allocation, operational milestones, and job creation projections, aligning with the EB-5 visa program’s criteria. Additionally, we provided financial modeling and risk analysis to ensure the viability and sustainability of the investment. By leveraging our expertise in immigration law and business consulting, we guided the client through the visa application process, compiling necessary documentation and supporting materials to demonstrate compliance with EB-5 visa requirements. Our collaborative efforts resulted in a successful visa approval, enabling the client to pursue their investment goals and contribute to the growth of the medical supplies industry in the United States.

E2 Visa for Florida Real Estate Investment

In our partnership with a client seeking an E-2 visa, we crafted a comprehensive business plan for their real estate venture in the US, building upon their previous successes collaborating with one of Florida’s largest realtors. Leveraging our client’s experience and the thriving real estate market in Florida, we conducted extensive market research to identify strategic opportunities and niche markets for expansion. Our plan outlined a detailed strategy for establishing and growing the client’s real estate business, including marketing initiatives, networking strategies, and operational plans. Additionally, we provided financial projections and risk assessments to demonstrate the viability and sustainability of the venture. By aligning with the requirements of the E-2 visa program and highlighting the client’s proven track record in the industry, our business plan facilitated a successful visa application, enabling the client to capitalise on their expertise and contribute to the dynamic real estate landscape in the US.

Marketing Plan for Swoope – UK

Swoope operates on a model similar to Tesco’s Woosh deliveries, facilitating local independent retailers to deliver food to customers. Understanding the competitive landscape and target audience preferences, we developed tailored marketing strategies. These included targeted digital advertising campaigns, social media engagement initiatives, and partnerships with local communities and influencers to amplify brand visibility. Additionally, we implemented customer referral programs and loyalty incentives to encourage repeat business. Through our strategic approach, Swoop experienced significant growth in user acquisition and order volume, establishing itself as a preferred choice for consumers seeking convenient and locally sourced food delivery options. Our marketing plan played a pivotal role in driving Swoope’s success, demonstrating the effectiveness of a well-executed strategy in the competitive online food delivery market.

Marketing Plan for Generator Retailer – UK

In our collaboration with a UK-based generator firm, we devised a strategic marketing plan aimed at expanding market share, retaining existing customers, and attracting new business. Leveraging market research and customer insights, we identified key target segments and their unique needs and preferences. Our plan included targeted digital marketing campaigns, email newsletters, and social media engagement strategies to maintain regular communication with existing customers and showcase new product offerings and promotions. Additionally, we implemented targeted advertising initiatives to reach potential customers, emphasising the reliability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of the firm’s generators. Through content marketing efforts such as blog posts, case studies, and customer testimonials, we positioned the firm as an industry leader and trusted provider of generator solutions. As a result of our strategic marketing efforts, the firm experienced increased brand awareness, customer retention, and new business acquisition, solidifying its position in the competitive UK market.

Marketing Plan – TiffinWalli CIC, UK

In our marketing plan for a Community Interest Company (CIC) in East London, we focused on empowering women through yogurt production, event catering, and fundraising for healthy eating initiatives and community heritage projects. Through targeted social media campaigns, community outreach, and partnerships with local businesses, we highlighted the CIC’s commitment to promoting health and preserving cultural heritage. By showcasing the nutritional benefits of yogurt and the cultural significance of traditional recipes, we engaged the local community and attracted support for the CIC’s initiatives. Additionally, we leveraged storytelling and multimedia content to amplify the impact of the CIC’s work, garnering attention from potential donors and investors. As a result of our marketing efforts, the CIC successfully raised funds for its projects, increased awareness of healthy eating practices, and empowered women to thrive in their communities through entrepreneurship and cultural preservation efforts.

Marketing Plan for Equine Supplies Firm, UK

In our collaboration with an equestrian supplies company, we crafted a strategic marketing plan to enhance brand awareness and drive sales. Leveraging market research and customer insights, we identified target demographics and their unique needs within the equestrian community. Our plan included targeted digital marketing campaigns, social media engagement strategies, and content creation initiatives to showcase the company’s product range and expertise. Additionally, we organised sponsored events, participated in trade shows, and established partnerships with influencers and equestrian organisations to expand brand visibility. Through email newsletters, loyalty programs, and customer referral incentives, we encouraged repeat purchases and fostered customer loyalty. As a result of our marketing efforts, the equestrian supplies company experienced increased website traffic, higher conversion rates, and improved brand recognition within the equestrian community, solidifying its position as a preferred choice for equestrian enthusiasts.

Marketing Plan for Clarity Software – UK

In our marketing plan for Clarity, a comprehensive business platform, our objective was to expand their reach to a wider audience. Leveraging their 20 years of experience and successful track record of serving over 5,000 clients, we crafted targeted messaging to emphasise Clarity’s value proposition of helping businesses work smarter. Through strategic digital marketing campaigns, content creation, and social media engagement, we showcased Clarity’s ability to deliver accurate quotes, optimise workflows, increase sales, and enhance customer satisfaction. By highlighting the benefits of a streamlined workflow and improved business health, we effectively communicated Clarity’s value to potential customers. As a result of our marketing efforts, Clarity successfully reached a wider audience, increased brand awareness, and attracted new clients looking to optimise their business operations and enhance customer satisfaction.

Marketing Plan for a Property Rental Business – London, UK

UKETB Management, founded by Edyta Tadeusiak in October 2009, has revolutionised the lettings process by offering a guaranteed rent option to property owners, fostering enduring relationships with many clients for over a decade. With Mike Chavla joining in October 2019, bringing over 25 years of experience, the company embarked on a journey of growth and expansion. Chavla’s operational expertise and commitment to fostering a culture of cohesion propelled ETB Management to manage 120 properties in north London. Now, after over a decade in business, the company is rebranding as, signaling an exciting new direction. This rebrand reflects ETB’s dedication to simplicity, hassle-free letting, and innovative approaches in the property management industry, poised to continue its legacy of excellence under a new name.