The Business Plan Process

Step 1: Initial Consultation

This can be done by phone or by email. We find out about your business ideas, ensure we have the right expertise to support you and then agree our fees. Fees are fixed at this point.

Step 2: Getting Started

Once you ask to work with you, we send you our business plan questionnaire. We ask you to tell us as much as you can about the business and to share with us any research and information you already have available.

Step 3: Initial Review & Development

Once you have completed the business plan questionnaire, we carry out detailed market research and intelligence gathering, and we review the information you have sent to us. We will send further questions and suggestions and then start to develop the first draft of the plan.

Step 4: First draft & Revisions

Once complete, we send you the first draft of the business plan to review. This is your opportunity to send us feedback, ask for additions or changes, and to refine the financial forecasts. Once you have fed back, we then work on the next draft.

Step 5: Final Plan

While we are happy to make further amendments, experience suggests that the next version of the plan meets their requirements. We are always happy to make a limited number of minor changes after the project is complete.