Canadian Visa Business Plans

We have considerable experience developing plans for clients in Canada and the U.S. Our experience covers the breadth of Visa related business plans. In addition to the specific immigration routes outlines below, all our other plans – for grants, loans, and investments, are suitable for clients regardless of their geographical location.

Canadian Start-Up Visa Business Plan

A start-up business visa allows an individual to gain residency in Canada if they can demonstrate that they intend to create or fund a business that will provide value to Canada and the local province  

A business plan is an essential part of the Visa application process. It is essential that applicants are able to articulate how the business will benefit the local economy, create employment opportunities, and contribute to the country’s overall growth.

Intra-Company Transferee Business Plan

Our team has a wealth of experience supporting companies through Intra-company Transferee business applications. Our plans clearly illustrate how your company and employee meets the requirements of the immigration process, showing how the business will benefit the Canadian economy.

Owner Operator LMIA Business Plan 

A business plan is a critical part of the application process for individuals applying for an LMIA owner operator right to work within Canada. This immigration route offers a way for those interested in purchasing a controlling interest in a Canadian business to achieve this objective, taking over the running and management of the business.

Our plans clearly demonstrate how the applicant will operate the business, add value and achieve business growth that delivers benefit through economic impact and job creation.

Our friendly, dedicated, and experienced team guide you through the process, drawing on their previous experience and years of expertise.