UK Innovator Visa

The UK Innovator Visa requires a capital investment of £50,000 and an endorsement from a government approved endorsing body.

Once this has been secured, applicants will need to produce a business plan which will be assessed against a range of criteria, including innovation, viability, and scalability.

There is also an expectation that the applicant will be fully committed to the business and will spend their time in the UK wholly in the developing this enterprise.

We have written many innovator visa business plans for clients and have helped many of our clients refine their ideas to ensure that they are well places to secure an endorsement. As we work with our clients, we make suggestions and refinements to ensure they have the best possible chance of success.

In addition to the standard business plan contents, we also focus on the innovation, viability and scalability within the plan, and we articulate the importance of the UK as a location for the business.

Further information about the Innovator Visa is available here: Innovator visa: Overview – GOV.UK (